No bullshit

Tired of startup cargo culting and happy talk?
BrainHouse is radical on this one - results
matter, all the rest is fluff.

We hate because we care

Anyone can agreeably pat you on your shoulder.
We find your weak spot, poke it and help you
fix it. It hurts but it works.

Fail for the win

It is ok to fail. Really, we mean it - no need to pretend you
are the king of the world if your company is still in deep

freak show

Only in BrainHouse you meet the
finest selection of brainiacs, mad
scientists and used car salesmen.
All super smart, all super helpful.

Speakers that matter

It is cute to have semi-famous people give talks - we prefer people who have something to say. The ever growing list of guest speakers at BrainHouse includes - large antivirus software salesman, PR director for big brands, product manager for leading navigation software or near space balloon engineer.

We want you!

We love innovation, startups and death metal. You
can have different tastes but if you have what it
takes to start an exciting company, come join us.

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The Team

Martin Majerník

Martin Majernik

Neuroscientist, research director by profession. Cambridge-Hertfordshire graduate doubles up as BrainHouse director and Black Swan Rational CEO.

Juraj Duris

Juraj Duris

Legend goes Hell's angels were too scared of him so he co-founded badass 42angels investment group. In real life founder of finviz and BrainHouse entrepreneur in residence.